• Mint Chutney (Pudhina Thugayal)

    Mint Chutney - South Indian Style (Pudhina Thugayal).

    Step by step photos

    Mint or Pudina ( in Tamil) is famous for its refreshing taste and medicinal values. Mint is variedly used in every cuisine and holds a very important place in south indian cuisine. This chutney tastes awesome, spicy, tangy with very few ingredients.
    Mint, coriander and curry leave the green lantern super heroes for good health. 
    Lets Go Green....

    Mint Chutney


    Heat some oil in a pan, oil like gingely oil or extra virign olive oil.

    Add 1 tbsp urad dahl, wait till they turn golden brown.

    Add 1 medium tomatoes.

    When tomatoes are half cooked add half a cup of Mint leaves.
    Mint leaves, stems removed and rinsed well.
    (I have removed tomatoes before adding mint because it will sizzle and photos will not be clear)

    Add 1 cup of coriander leaves

    Add handful of curry leaves.
    Curry leaves will be available in Indian groccery store.
    If curry leaves are not available, its totally fine to skip this.
    Please dont try to add basil. :)

    Add 7-8 round green chilies. To alter the spice, you can reduce the chili.

    For tanginess, a inch long tamrind is added.
    To reduce spiciness, you can skip this.

    1 cup of a raw coconut in room temperature.
    Grind coconuts.
    Food processor is also fine.

    Remove the coconuts from the blender.
    The go green masala is also ready.

    Blend the greens together. Add salt.

    When greens are half blended, add the ground coconut

    Mint chutney is all yours.

    Serve with hot rice, idly or Dosa.


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